Do I need an appointment to come in for an estimate?

No. No Appointment is necessary. Please keep in mind that the typical estimate for a small repair will take at least 20 minutes. The more damage the longer the estimate will take.


Is there a charge to receive an estimate?

No. There is no charge for an estimate.


Do I need to file a State of Vermont Accident Report?

If your car has at least $3000 worth of damages you need to file one. Please use this link.


Do you work directly with my insurance company?

Rotunda’s is a Direct Repair Facility. We work with every Insurance Company.


Could Rotunda’s set up my rental vehicle for me?

Absolutely, we will have a rental ready and waiting for you.


Do I need to acquire at least 3 estimates to satisfy my insurance company?



Do I have to take my car to the Repair Facility that my insurance company suggests?

No. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired where you would like.